Delicious marinades for barbecue

To prepare a juicy and delicious shish kebab, it is important to choose the right meat and properly marinate the shish kebab before frying. Without this step, even a perfectly selected, delicious and appetizing piece often becomes inedible. Experienced chefs know that you should never skip marinating. If all the rules are followed, the marinade for shish kebab makes it fragrant, soft, and improves the taste.

What is the marinade for?

To understand how delicious to marinate a shish kebab, you must first learn the main properties of the marinade and how it affects the meat. To find out the reason why the shish kebab is marinated, you need to study the composition of the mixture:
Spices, garlic, herbs – dried or fresh, onions, spices, wine – all this gives the shish kebab a unique taste and aroma, but it will not affect the softness in any way. Fats, vegetable oil is used as them – they help to dissolve aromatic substances in spices and spices, enhancing their aroma. The oil will help the seasonings penetrate a little deeper into the meat, but it will also not make the shish kebab softer. Acids are fruit or berry juices, tomato juice, wine or balsamic vinegar, and fermented milk products. They destroy the connective tissues on top of the meat quite a bit, and facilitate the penetration of aromatic seasonings into the shish kebab. Salt – helps to improve and enhance the taste of the meat itself.


Main types of marinades

Marinade is used to prepare shish kebabs for heat treatment – different types of meat are soaked in it. The basis is products with vegetable oils and food acids – vinegars, wines, mineral water, oils, vegetables, etc.
Thanks to the oils, the juiciness of the meat piece is preserved, and the acids make it tender. Mineral water makes it possible to make up for the loss of juiciness, especially when the meat was frozen.

In many recipes, vinegar can be seen as a component of the marinade – it should be noted that very often it becomes not the most advantageous basis for a barbecue. Yes, vinegar will soften the meat and keep it juicy, but most likely, it will give it a sharp, not always pleasant taste. Vinegar is best used only according to proven recipes and do not experiment with this ingredient.
The easiest and most delicious marinade is dry wine, which is also often replaced with beer. Alcohol contributes to the maximum softening of the meat, after which it becomes very tender, during frying it gets a beautiful shade. But you should not add lemon juice or vinegar to the alcoholic marinade – you can overdo it and the meat will lose its unique taste.

Seasonings and spices for cooking

To choose the right seasoning and tastefully reproduce the recipe for marinade for shish kebab, you need to think carefully about what will improve the taste of meat and help give it the desired flavor. There are a few rules on the selection of spices in the marinade:
It is better to buy them in special stores, not by weight, but in hermetically Packed bags. This indicates their high quality, the absence of impurities – flavor enhancers, colorants, other cheaper spices, salt and sugar.Whole seasonings have a richer flavor compared to ground ones. After grinding, the spice esters evaporate faster. You should buy whole spices, and just before cooking, grind them in a special mill, coffee grinder or blender. The fresher the seasoning, the better its aroma and taste. The shelf life of whole spices is 4 years, and ground – only two. Experienced chefs recommend choosing spices that were made no more than six months ago.

General rules for marinating meat

Any marinated meat will cook even faster, and its taste will improve significantly when the composition contains acid and salt – it can be alcohol, lemon juice or vinegar. Thanks to the addition of spices, the meat will become even more fragrant and delicious.
It is not enough just to learn the recipe for how to marinate meat on a shish kebab. There are also some tricks to this process. For example, few people know, but the marinade forms a film on the meat, which allows it not to burn, and the meat juice does not flow out during frying, which preserves the juiciness of the pieces. After marinating, the meat is better absorbed in the body.


How to soften tough meat

To make the dish soft, you can use the following principles of marinating meat for shish kebab:
Mustard. This ingredient is often used in the preparation of marinade for shish kebab to improve the taste of the dish. But few people think that mustard is also a good price the pieces of meat. But to do this, you should use the ingredient a little differently. Hard pieces are smeared with mustard, should be marinated for 40 minutes. They should be washed before cooking. So the meat will turn out even more juicy, its taste improves. Mustard is used in many recipes.

Onions are a natural softener. It is used in almost all recipes for marinade for shish kebab. But for softening, you will need not the onion itself, but its juice. To get it, the onion is finely chopped or crushed through a meat grinder and added to the marinated meat. With this cutting, the vegetable will give juice faster, keep the pieces of shish kebab with it for about 1 – 2 hours.
Acidic medium. Thanks to the creation of such an environment, it will be possible to significantly soften hard pieces of meat. To do this, you can use vinegar or lemon juice, and carbonated mineral water works in a similar way.


Can I freeze it

There are cases when a lot of meat has been marinated, or circumstances have changed dramatically, and it has remained unprepared. Housewives have a question – whether it is possible to freeze the workpiece. No need to throw away food. It is enough to put everything in a bag with a clasp intended for food, then it can be frozen.
Yes, when frozen, the juiciness of the meat will slightly deteriorate, so it is not recommended to keep the products for too long. But still, this is a good way to save a delicious billet and make a barbecue a little later.